2019 Retirements, Pension payouts, and Government Fears


Chief People Officer fails HR test

Chief People Officer out amid reports of ‘compliance’ rule-breaking

F.E.A.R. Dollar Credit Card

There is a credit card that can be used to finance one of life most demanding challenges, the F.E.A.R. Dollar Credit Card

How It All Began

Some stories sounds so impossible or incredible, but that is if you were told by a third party.

Great to have a workplace guide

You can’t imagine how great my career have been since I got this new workplace guide. Yes, my mentor.

Planning Beyond This Job

It is now trite to say that talent is not enough, and there is no longer job security, but employee marketability.

Life; real, metaphorical, a dream, a journey?

Life, metaphorical, a journey!

Our working life, absolutely amazing or dreaded Mondays

Our working life, absolutely amazing or dreaded Monday’s