Make it Leisure- Starting a Journey

Thanks for joining me!

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton


We all begin our journey in life like the toddler with the tiny first steps that get all first mums screaming to the first real corporate job or leadership position of the bubbling millennial.

I started writing when I was a teen. I actually finished a whole play, all hand written. Since then, writing has been a part of me, I write on anything and everywhere. During my university days, I remember creating a hand written journal/magazine that I paste once awhile on notice boards for students to read.

Though this is seen as a weakness in a corporate setting compared to picking up a phone to make a call or walking over to the next guy and having a decent conversation. It has nevertheless stayed with me. And thank goodness, it’s finally having an outlet, and that in a public domain! I think that’s a big huddle crossed. It’s called courageous, and marks a new era, the start of a new life, a new person, and a totally different journey. Whoah!


I have so many themes in mind. But for now, my focus is shaped by a recent event where the “double life” that an individual live may shape the life of some others positively or negatively. It’s a journey for me, and I sincerely believe others can benefit from what I can unearthen. In fact, writing for you is the reason to start, endure and make this meaningful.

Life’s inspiration. How things affect me and you privately (Privatelyme) away from prying eyes. How what we do is derived from more private (Privatelyme) reasons than the outwardly seen or spoken one. How this relates with psychology, self awareness, self consciousness, authenticity and how they show up in the lives of leaders, celebrities, and the common you and I.


My hope and joy will be that by virtue of the words that will flow from Privatelyme, not a few, but many, will come to find meaning and purpose, understand better the why of their actions or experiences and leap out into a more fulfilling life with a more rewarding ending.

So how do you start a journey, just get on the road and start. And once started on the path you’ve chosen, make the trip a leisure.

The world is the oyster for this blog, even though it’s about individuals private.

Thanks for having me. Thanks for coming with me on this journey of growth, discovery and change. If we achieve none of the above three in the next twelve months, I will have to be under the rubble and confirm that life is a waste where only a privilege few succeed. But that is absolutely false. So together, within the next twelve months, we will grow, makes awesome discoveries and make changes in all areas of our lives and that of others.

Welcome on board.


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